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We are please to announce the release of our new EP!

We are very proud to announce our latest EP. "A Shadow of Doubt", release date May 27, 2020, in over 200 online shops. This 3 song EP begins with the tile song "A Shadow of Doubt", a folk like acoustic song with slide guitar echoing the sad thoughts of today. Followed by a Celtic like acoustic instrumental with the driving force of a sea storm breaking on the shore. Lastly, a keyboard / organ piece bordering on psychedelic sensationalism. Enjoy!

We are pleased to welcome a new addition to the band!

Stefý joined us a few weeks ago for a rehearsal, wanting to expand her musical horizon. Playing cello now for 5 years, she decided to try something new and promptly went out and bought a Fender Bass! With her intuitive groove and musical knowledge, Stefý has filled out our musical sound. A welcoming sarcastic sense of humour also keeps us grinning ;-)

We made it to the final screenings for the "NACHWUCHSFILMFEST IN SALZBURG"!

We spent an evening filming with our guest singer "Christin" for our video "Meant to be". I then spent several days editing, working in that groove where you forget time and everything around you. We submitted the final cut to the FS1 sponsored Juvinale NACHWUCHSFILMFEST", hoping to win. Well, we made it to the final screening, which is cool. Let us see what the future will bring. ;-)

Every Monday Night is Rehearsal Night @ Cynical Order studios!

Every Monday is Jam night at Cynical Order studios, gots to be in the groove for our upcoming GIGS!

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